Topeak JoeBlow Mountain Floor Pump Reviews


Topeak JoeBlow Mountain Floor Pump is designed to fit Mountain tires. This floor pump can make the process of inflating tires more efficiently. It will be your best friends if you have to inflate tires.

This pump works for both Presta and Schrader valves. It has an extra-long replaceable hose, which can contain more air. This will push more air into the tire with one down stroke. Also the handle is designed for good grasping. Also you can use it to inflate your basketball or Shamu pull toys, because it comes with a couple accessories.

Product Features:

  • HeadTwinHead™BarrelPainted SteelGaugeBase Mount AnalogHoseX-LongPressure TuningAir Release ButtonHandleOversize PaddedCapacity75 psi / 5 barBaseCompositeAdded FeaturesBall/Bladder Heads hose DockSize (L x W x H) 17 x 23 x 69cm 6.7” x 9.1” x 27.1”Weight1.74 kgs / 3.84
  • If you have a mountain bike and wish to inflate the tires more efficiently, Topeak JoeBlow Mountain Floor Pump is your best choice.

Customer reviews

One guy said his previous pump was a crappy Genius air pump from Wally World. After using this Topeak JoeBlow Mountain Floor Pump, he said he liked its high quality.

However, we also can see there are so many negative reviews, such as

  • Its yellow plastic valve handle was easy to break off, making it useless.
  • The flip-lever broke the first time.

Therefore, we don’t recommend this one, unless there is some advancement.