Top 7 best bike trainer stands you can rely on in 2014

We’ve tried our best to do much research and tried to find the best stationary bike stands. You can check our reviews and buying guide to learn more. However, we also compiled this top 8 trainer list you may want to consider during 2014. When we compiled this list, we consider many factors, such as the price, brand and even weight. However, we don’t get fused by these non-deciding factors. We focused on their performance and we believed that we can compile a list according to your budget, training schedule, toleration to the noise and the types of your bikes.

Therefore, some top priced models and some best value budget models are all in this list. If you choose one of them according to your preference. If you feel it is so complicated to choose from, you can read another our recommendation list of top 3 best stationary bike stands in 2014.

Top quality and high priced tag: the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

KurtKineticRoadTrainerThis best indoor bike stand is a fluid-based one and also a professional one, because many cyclists use it for their winter training. Its-non-leaking magnetic drive system ensures you have a consistent training without worrying about any messy leaks. It also works quiet and can take the wheels up to 29 inches, while many other models cannot work for this wide range. It is never a cheap one and we highly recommend this one.

Another top quality contender: the Cascade Fluid Pro Trainer

CascadeFluidProWe found this highest quality one recently. We are glad we discovered it. It has a thermall sealed fluid drive and it can give you what should be years of bike training. It comes with 3 different height options you can choose. Like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machien, it is not cheap. However, if you are looking for some stands top of the range, it deserves.

The Best Cheap Price Tag: Magnet Indoor Exerciser Trainer

MagnetSteelFor some people expensive high-end models are just a waste of money and if the budget is limited, going after a high-end one is just a dream. If you asked me which one is a good value trainer stand, I would like to recommend this Magnet Indoor Exerciser Trainer. If the budget is your main considering factor when buying a trainer, this one can satisfy your requirements. It is a cheap one for beginners. Although it is cheap, it is durable and solid. Therefore, don’t worry about its quality. Many customers on Amazon spoke highly of it. Read more details!

The Best Value: Forza F2 Trainer

ForzaF2Another best budget model is this Forza F2 Trainer. This best value indoor bike trainer is perfect for people with limited budgets. The price is about $100. If you purchase it from Amazon, you can get a nice little discount. If you just need a stand to ride for 2 or 3 times a week, you don’t need to waste money to get an expensive one and this Forza F2 Trainer is enough for you. It is easy to set up. Although it is a low priced one, the noise is not a problem, relatively lower than other models with similar price tag.

Top quality and superb value for 2014: the Blackburn Mag 6 Trainer

Blackburn-Tech-Mag-6If you dislike the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, this Blackburn Mag 6 is you best alternative that can save your self some 30%. It is usually about $200. The price is moderate and it offers many great options which are great for the serious cyclist. 6 resistance levels allow you to have a different experience. Once you have it, you can enjoy the riding, no matter the weather is outdoor. It is stable and sturdy. It can give you a safe ride even if you are a long-lasting trainer..

The classy quality: the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

CycleopsFluid2TrainerAnother top rated and quality stand you can rely on is this CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer. It is not cheap, about $300. If you just need a top quality one, it is one of your best choices. It comes with a realistic resistance experience due to its much larger flywheel. It is also very quiet. And the set-up is also very easy. You can follow this video to easily set it up.

An amazingly realistic ride: the Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roller

KurtKineticWe choose a stationary bike stand, because we want to get a much more realistic riding indoors. And this Kurt Kinetic Rock N Roller can make feel how realistic your riding is on it. However, you need to pay the price. It will cost you about $500.


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