How to Turn your Bike into a Stationary Bike

ridingIf you have an outdoor bike, you can convert it into an indoor biker trainer. There are enough reasons to do this. The cold weather in winter may make you cannot ride outside. In this situation, turning your bike into a stationary bike for indoor exercise is very cool. And you don’t need to spend much more money on an indoor bike trainer that also takes up much space at home. The whole process is relatively easy. The only thing you need is a special stand which can turn your regular bike into a stationary bike trainer. In cold winter, you can ride at home, helping you keep doing the same exercise.

  1. First, you need to find a place for your bike as well as the stand. A level spot with a non-carpeted surface in your home is better. I think you can find such a space. You can take a good use of the space where your bike parks. The spot is only needed a little larger than before.
  2. After receiving all the bicycle stands parts, lay out them exactly where you would like to place them. Some stands are one piece, which is relatively easy to install, while others are two pieces which must be fitted into two tires of the bicycle. Placing them in the right place allows you to have enough space to test it for different speed settings.
  3. Place the back end of the bike on the stand, and then clamp the back wheel in firmly. There will be some wiggle room if the front wheel is not on a stand. Once the front wheel is on a stand, the wiggle room will disappear.
  4. Situate the front wheel on the bike stand and tightly secure this portion.
  5. Now, it is time to re-tighten the back wheel again to remove the wiggle room, making it solid in place. But don’t re-tighten so tight, or it will cause rubbing or failure of bearings in the bike.
  6. To make sure it is evenly mounted, take some steps back from the bike. If there is a dip in the wheels, you need to reposition the bike to make sure it is even.
  7. Wiggle the bike from one side to the other side to make sure it is tip-proof. It can wobble from one side to the other side if you ride the bike at full speed. Therefore, ensure the bike allows enough movement but also keep the bike stable while riding.

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